Priceless grains of sand

Imagine standing on a beach. Now imagine if a few dozen grains of sand—buried within miles of the coastline—could dramatically change your perspective on the present, allow you to peer into the future, and change your fortunes forever. How would you find them?

This special edition of Unleashing IT is all about big data, which is often described in the simplest of terms: A linear distillation of many (data sources) to a few (insights and actions). But as every beachcomber knows, there is nothing simple or linear about big data.

Organizations must rethink the realm of possibility. They must openly embrace change. And they must consider new tools and technologies such as Intel® Hadoop, Cisco® Tidal Enterprise Scheduler (TES), and Cisco Common Platform Architecture (CPA). Doing so can help transform product and service delivery, identify business opportunities representing tens of millions of dollars, and save entire industries.

With big data experience and foundational technologies, Cisco and Intel are ready to help you unearth those priceless grains of sand.

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David Yen
Senior Vice President and General Manager
Cisco Systems, Inc.


Boyd Davis
Vice President and General Manager
Intel Corporation