Custom cloud adoption report

Custom cloud adoption report

A recent Cisco-sponsored IDC InfoBrief, “Don’t Get Left Behind: The Business Benefits of Achieving Greater Cloud Adoption,”1 sheds light on a new, secondary wave of cloud adoption. One where companies are no longer moving to the cloud purely for efficiency gains and reduced costs, but rather for innovation, growth, and disruption. A whopping 53 percent of companies expect cloud to drive increased revenue over the next two years, the study reveals.

But there’s a catch.

“Cloud adoption is growing, but relatively few organizations have advanced cloud strategies,” says Robert Mahowald, vice president of SaaS and cloud services at IDC. “Of the organizations surveyed, 32 percent have no cloud strategy.”

Technology adoption in the absence of strategy is never a good thing, and the IDC study quantified the difference between ad hoc cloud usage and mature, optimized cloud deployments. Organizations with the most mature cloud strategies are gaining an average of $1.6 million in additional revenue per application deployed on private or public cloud. They are also achieving $1.2 million in cost reduction per cloud-based application.

“There’s a broad spectrum of cloud adoption and maturity,” says Enrico Fuiano, senior product marketing manager at Cisco. “Knowing where your organization stands relative to your peers is a first step toward optimization.”

The new Cisco Business Cloud Advisor program, based on the IDC findings, includes a survey-based tool and in-depth workshop that help organizations assess their own cloud utilization and strategies.

“The survey is a simple and insightful tool,” says Fuiano. “The resulting report shows your cloud maturity relative to your industry peers—by industry, company size, and geography—as well as the associated business benefits.”

Don’t get left behind.

To take the survey and receive the report, click here.

1 IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by Cisco, Don’t Get Left Behind: The Business Benefits of Achieving Greater Cloud Adoption, Download Now, August 2015.

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