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Soni Jiandani explains Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure

Cisco Senior Vice President of marketing Soni Jiandani breaks down what Cisco ACI is, why it's necessary, and what it will bring to customers.

Unleashing IT : What is Cisco® Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI™)?

Soni Jiandani: Conceptually, ACI is very simple. It’s all about giving the network the ability to deploy and respond to the needs of applications, both in the data center and in the cloud. The network must be able to deliver the right levels of connectivity, security, compliance, firewalls, and load balancing, and it must be able to do this dynamically and on demand.

UIT : How is this accomplished?

SJ: Through centrally defined policies and application profiles. The profiles are managed by our new Application Policy...

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To learn all about Cisco ACI, download the white paper here or request a Cisco ACI starter kit.