Clinicians are upping standards to deliver quality care, and technology is at the forefront of this transformation. Healthcare organizations are adopting and upgrading IT tools and implementing resilient and robust networks to improve services.

Big data analytics driving healthcare transformation

With an integrated, automated, massively scalable Vscale Architecture, Inovalon is helping the healthcare industry transition from volume to value.

Business agility, beyond the hype

With a flexible, powerful technology infrastructure and a willingness to evolve, Lifescript is finding success through adaptation.

Raising the IQ of a metropolis

How China’s City Cloud Technology is turning Hangzhou into a smart city.

Measuring, optimizing cloud utilization

After identifying the cloud services being utilized by its employees, CityMD is taking steps to maintain compliance and boost application performance.

Adapting to an evolving healthcare environment

With a new technology infrastructure, Mountain States Health Alliance is connecting with more people and entities—and having a larger regional impact.

Measuring the effectiveness of data center investments

Utilizing capital efficiency, a method for quantifying the value of every dollar invested in the data center.

Big data versus fast data

Why the speed of data analytics can be just as valuable as the quantity of data being analyzed.

Putting medical software in the cloud

Why Park Place International sees the cloud as a natural extension of its onsite technology services.

Transformation via collaboration

Dignity Health is unifying its infrastructure and communications to improve patient care.

Embracing change for the good of well-being

Moving from reactive to proactive, with health and technology.

Getting real with ROI

How to build a business case for technology change, and turn IT investments into cash flows.

Enabling clinicians to move with the pace of care

How a London-based healthcare provider is supporting business and clinical priorities with advanced information and communications (ICT) technology.


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