Financial Services

No longer just a supplementary aspect, technology is becoming the core of many financial services companies. Higher expectations and demand for faster information and better risk management is driving the restructure of IT in order to improve customer service.

Improving agility without hindering security

Ameritas is using a software-defined network to boost the speed—and protection—of its business.

Financing the cloud

How Extrinsica Global and Fusion Networks are taking advantage of Cisco Capital financing to build and grow their cloud portfolios.

Dynamic infrastructure for financial services

CAP COM Federal Credit Union adopts a modular IT infrastructure that supports business change and growth.

Financial lender adopts Desktop as a Service

JMAC Lending is freeing its mobile sales force and securing its customer data.

APIs at the heart of banking innovation

Capital One is using application programming interfaces (APIs) to “re-imagine the way customers interact with their money.”


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